“Making development happen for women, youth and children”

Radio School
Supported by the MacArthur Foundation

This programme, the first of its kind in Nigeria, aims at leveraging the power of the radio to deliver quality secondary education to adolescent girls and boys in Enugu and Adamawa States

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Income Generation for People Living
with Disabilities
Supported by Oxfam Novib

Providing training to 100 physically disabled women and men, in the repair and maintenance of Mobile phones.

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Sister Guardian Initiative (SGI)

Reduce violence against women at the community level.

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Protect women and children’s health by providing HIV/AIDS,
Tuberculosis, Health and Nutrition education.


Provide girls and boys with education and skills to expand choice.

Women’s Rights

Programmes that nurture, support and empower women to protect
them from violence and re-establish their human rights.

Good Governance

Strenghten democracy by empowering citizens to become
more instrusive in the budgeting process.

Economic Empowerment

Provide women and youth with financial and non financial services
and tools to strengthen and improve their skills and income.

Welcome to South Saharan Social Development Organisation (SSDO)

As we are all well aware, Africa, south of the Sahara, is regarded by many as the poster child for the “Dolorous Ds” that have afflicted humankind since the beginning of time: discord, debt, danger, drought, disease, depression, despair, desperation, destruction, doom, devastation, darkness and death.

We, at SSDO, recognize that the time has now come for the emergence of a truly developed Sub Saharan Africa. And, of course, a radical transformation of the consciousness of the individual South Saharan, lies at the heart of this emergence. With this goal clearly in focus, SSDO, and its small team of highly motivated and deeply dedicated women and men, innovate and implement programmes that foster the mental, physical and spiritual growth and wellbeing of the most marginalized and neglected members of our communities, especially women and girls.

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“The Awakening” Radio Programme
Supported by OSIWA

A youth focused civic enlightenment radio programme aimed at informing, motivating and empowering youth to become active citizens.

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Ego Anyi
Supported by the Ford Foundation

In its second year of airing, ‘Ego-Anyi’ is an Igbo language information and discussion Radio Programme on Participatory Budgeting, Citizen’s Right and good governance.

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Reintegration of Vulnerable Children and Young Migrants on the Move
Supported by ISS

To enhance the protection return and reintegrate vulnerable children and young Migrants on the Move.

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